Eric Humphries


Eric Humphries was raised in rural Norman, Oklahoma. From an early age, he was interested in drawing and painting and spent much of his free time doing so. With few artistic influences to call upon, Humphries practiced copying comic books and cartoons. In later years, he found himself drawn to politically motivated artists, such as Diego Rivera and Keith Haring, and inevitably, decided that he would take his art in a socially conscious direction as well. 

His works reflect an individuality forged by years of experimentation and an emphasis on simplifying down the key elements. The paintings are allegorical, depicting true life historical events as seen through the eyes of an artist. In the past, Humphries has tackled such topics as AIDS awareness, evolution and war. 

Past projects include Heaven, Hell and the Earth, a four canvas series about the September eleventh attacks on New York City, completed in 2007, Three Minutes in American History, depicting the events surrounding the Oklahoma City Bombing from 2009 and his most recent project “Is the Whole World on Fire?”, an eight canvas series which tracked the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot and traveled for eighteen months to Oklahoma colleges, universities, libraries and galleries and was featured in more that a dozen magazines, newspapers and on televison and internet programs.


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