Trinidad Ball

Born in Barcelona, of Catalan parents, I have lived in Spain and Latin America before moving to England, where I have lived for many years. My formal training being in London at the Putney School of Art, Roehampton College and Central St Martin’s.
 I started painting in 1997 and I resigned my post as Probation Officer in 2003 to become a professional artist. The interaction of colour is the basis to my work. I am excited by bright, strong colour and the drama created by darkness and light. My work has been inspired by the Spanish and Dutch masters and of the modern painters, I admire Hopper and I’m  moved by the colours of Van Gogh. My paintings have been described as “displaying fine technique, and an assured heightened sense of colour and form”.
 For me each painting is a challenge and an adventure. Observation is the key, working with the composition and background, this compels me to paint. Through the use of thin layers of high pigment oil paint, my aim is to render a translucent and luminous painting which gives the viewer the illusion of high realism.
 My paintings are in private and corporate collections in the UK, USA, Canada, Continental Europe, Australia and Latin America. My work is shown in the UK and abroad and has been selected by distinguished exhibitions such as the Royal Academy of Art, the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition and the Women’s Art Show in London and Fundacion de las Artes y los Artistas in Barcelona, Spain. In 2008 I was awarded the prestigious Meynell Fenton Prize. One of my portraits was recently included in The Public Catalogue Foundation, UK.
 Forthcoming Exhibitions and Events:
17.12.12-March 2013 - Cafe du Arte, (with Harlesden Gallery), London.
May-June 2013 - Art House Gallery (with SAL), London.
10.6-17.8.13 - "Not the Royal Academy", Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, Waterloo.
20.6-29.8.13 - Dunkeld Art Exhibition, Dunkeld, Scotland.
21-23.6.13 - Midsummer Show, Landmark Art Fair, Teddington.
27.6-6.7.13 - The Society of Women Artists, Mall Gallery, London.
January-February 2013 - Waterloo Zeitgeist 2013, London
Ongoing exhibition of paintings at:
ArtPlatform, http://
Go Figurative,
Harlesden Gallery,!ball/c1wfm
Mackenzie Gallery,, Teddington.
Skylark Gallery,, Oxo Tower, London.
The Art Agency,

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