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Sculpting With Copper

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Learn the basics of Sculpting With Copper from artist Shahla Reynolds.

There are many steps in the process of creating a sculpture that is both pleasing to the eye and fits in with its environment. In this beginner class you will learn the step by step process on the fundamentals of creating a sculpture, from designing the piece, creating its skeleton (referred to as an armature), and adding texture to completion of your work. As long as you are able to hold a pair of pliers and  can use a lightweight hammer, you can make it through this class. You will be making a particular sculpture and there will be detailed instructions there for you to follow. This is a highly hands on class, so join in to learn and have fun while creating your own masterpiece.

The $85 will cover the cost of copper sheets, tools and other materials for the class.

Please bring your own gloves ( Garden gloves work best for this project and you can get them at the dollar stores ). 

To schedule a time. call: 405-642-5307

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