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Tapestry is a combination of 13 pieces of Mixed Media Paintings on wood.

Each piece could be bought separately (See other listings by Shahla Reynolds). However if bought as a set, the price is $6500.00 and you save $650.00. 

Length 161", 2" Depth and Height 67"                  

Details for Each Piece:

 Tapestry LT 1:   

Tapestry LT 2:  
Tepestry LT 3:   

Tapestry LT 4:   

Tapestry LT 5:  

Tapestry LT 6   

Tapestry RM:      

Tapestry RT 1:   

Tapestry RT2:   

Tapestry RT 3:   

Tapestry RT 4:   

Tapestry RT 5:   

Tapestry RT 6: