Copy of Going Home




On May 26th 2002 the I-40 Bridge in Oklahoma was hit by a barge. 14 people lost their lives, including a 3-year-old child. During the project Shahla worked with the following agencies: The City of Webbers Falls, The Oklahoma Department of Transportation, The Federal Emergency Management Agency, Army Core of Engineers, Cherokee Nation, 2 Civil Engineering Firms, Landscape Architecture, a Steel Fabrication Company, 2 Foundries and a Construction Company. A 14 sided black granite pedestal was engraved with the names of the victims, The artist used the actual bridge girders and reshaped them to create the broken bridge, which holds the 56” bronze sculpture connected only by its toes to the girder. This symbolizes the moment that life ended, and eternity began. The sculpture is releasing a dove to bring hope and peace to the families. The design also includes 5 white columns representing the 5 survivors of the tragedy. The memorial was dedicated by Governor Brad Henry and Chief Justice Joseph Watt, Oklahoma Supreme court,