Shahla Rahimi Reynolds


Shahla combines her early Mid-Eastern upbringing with her Western knowledge to create a dynamic fusion of sculpture forms. Her sculptures emphasize fluid grace with free flowing and on occasions abstract yet true to form. Her stylistic tools include the hues and luminosity of the medium itself, whether it is alabaster, marble, clay or bronze. 

Shahla's portfolio includes several major public arts.

In 2000 the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association commissioned her to create a memorial dedicated to the Fallen and Living Firefighters of Oklahoma titled: "Just Another Day". 

In 2003, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation awarded her the I-40 Bridge Memorial titled: "Going Home". This memorial honors the lives of 14 victims and 5 survivors of the I-40 Bridge collapse tragedy. 

Her latest public art project "They Gave Their Full Measure of Devotion" was dedicated on October 13, 2017. This 6 feet, 2 inches (life size) bronze sculpture represents men and women of the Oklahoma City Fire Department and it also honors the firefighters lost in line of duty.



    • "Primal Chaos I and II", Oklahoma City University Permanent Collection, Okla City, OK,2016
    • Dance Company", Oklahoma City University Permanent Collection, Oklahoma City, OK, 2016
    • Rainbow", Oklahoma State University Art Museum Permanent Collection, Stillwater, OK, 2014
    • “Bust of Rev. Dick Allen”, First Unitarian Church of Oklahoma City, Okla. City, Ok, 2009 
    • “Purple Hibiscus”, Oklahoma City University Permanent Collection, Oklahoma City, Ok, 2008  
    • Bust of Chief Justice Joseph Watt”, Oklahoma City, OK, 2003 
    • “Tree of Knowledge”, First Unitarian Church of Oklahoma City, OK, 2005 
    • “Underground Science”, Justice Alma Wilson Seeworth Academy. Edmond, OK, 2001 
    • “Eternal Flame", Oklahoma State Firefighters Memorial, Oklahoma City, OK, 2000
    • “Under the Ocean”, Justice Alma Wilson Seeworth Academy. ,   Edmond, OK, 2000 
    • “Tortoise family”, Justice Alma Wilson Seeworth Academy.  Edmond, OK, 2000 
    • “Oklahoma City Fire Firefighters Memorial, Oklahoma City, OK, 1997 
    •  “Hands of Time”, Justice Alma Wilson Seeworth Academy.   Edmond, OK, 1997 
    •  “Tortoise Family”, Arbuckle Wilderness, Arbuckle, OK, 1997


    • Art Share LA, Los Angeles, CA  2021
    • 30 x 30 Public Art Show, Palm Springs Museum of Arts, 2019
    • Individual Artist of Oklahoma, Okla. City, OK, 2007 
    • ndividual Artist of Oklahoma, Okla. City, OK, 2007 
    • Festival of the Arts, Okla. City, OK, 1995-1997, 2003 
    • Sculpture in the Park, Loveland, Colorado, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2002 
    • Dodson Art Gallery, Okla. City, OK, 2002 
    • Art in Miniature, Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, OK, 2000-2001 
    • Pickard Art Gallery, Okla. City, OK, 1994-2001 
    • Oklahoma Sculpture Society Exhibition, Okla. City, OK, 1998-1999  
    • Oklahoma Centerfold, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, Chickasha, OK, 1997 
    • Art Foundation, Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1997 
    • Herr Chambliss Art Gallery, Hot Springs, Arkansas, 1996 
    • Norick Art Center, Oklahoma City University, Okla. City, OK, 1994 
    • Kirkpatrick Museum, Okla. City, OK, 1994 
    • Central Museum of Art, University of Central Oklahoma Edmond, OK, 1994 
    • North American Sculpture Exhibition, Golden, Colorado, 1992 
    • Eureka Springs Sculpture Show, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, 1992 
    • One in a Hundred, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK, 1990

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     The Oklahoma Fallen and Living Memorial

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    •   Master of Arts, Oklahoma City University
    •   Bachelor of Arts, University of Central Oklahoma


    The artworks are direct result of Shahla’s life experience and her constant search for a new way to remain hopeful among midst of chaos and turmoil. Her bright and bold color paintings remind us of rainbows that appear after the rain. While the subtle curve lines of her sculptures bring a sense of calm and thoughtfulness. Her artworks embody a serene and peaceful state of mind.