Artist Shahla Rahimi Reynolds

From pre-med to art, that is how it all started. Finally with a masters degree in art and several major public art projects, this award winning artist is excited to have her studio in the Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles, where she is creating artworks to inspire hope out of chaos and bring harmony from ordeal.

  • "They Gave Their Last Full Measure Of Devotion"

    This 6'2" tall(life size) bronze piece is dedicated to the firefighters of the Oklahoma City  Fire Department.

    It was created by Shahla Rahimi Reynolds.

    The 6' 2" H X 27' W X 35' D project was commissioned by the City of Oklahoma City Public Art Project and Oklahoma City Fire Department.

    A 7' tall piece of granite from Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, the site of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing stands tall bearing the names of "Fallen Firefighters" from the Department.

    The sculpture was dedicated on October 13th, 2017.