I'm an award-winning artist from Los Angeles known for creating monumental Public Art installations and private collection pieces. My art carries messages of hope and harmony through expressive brushstrokes, bold colors, and curved lines.

I am Sculptor of Hope and Painter of Bold and Bright Colors.

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Come to create an original piece of art that is your own creation.

Stream Of,  is what we do all the time, every awaken moment of our lives. Even in our sleep, we are juggling with thoughts that manifest themselves into gentle dreams or occasionally nightmares.  it is always on and always talking and then nothing!   The  painting "Stream Of Consciousness" is an Acrylic on Canvas by artist, Shahla Rahimi Reynolds.  Stream Of Consciousness is 59 1/2” H x 46” W.

Reasons to Collect My Art

  • An Original Piece of Art Will Be Yours Forever
  • It Will Inspire You As You View It
  • You Become A Part of Its Journey Through Life
  • Once You Own A Piece, You Get To Know Me
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Orion Sky Bird III - Sonarta.comThe sculpture is fabricated from Copper and Steel. The sheets of copper were hand hammered and then cut to create each individual part of the body, i.e., feathers, head and wings. Then the pieces were sewn with copper wire to the armature to create the sculpture. The feathers were designed with a slight movement of air around them therefore creating the illusion of flight.  The Bird is 24” H x 28” W x 28” D.

Metal and Stone Sculptures

These magnificent sculptures are created from hand hammered copper, cut to shape and sewn together with copper threads through their armatures. They dance in the breeze and sing as their wings move.

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