Public Art Installations

Discover my collection of captivating public artworks.

They Gave the Last Full Measure of Devotion

Shahla Reynolds

This piece is dedicated to the firefighters of Oklahoma City Fire Department. It is one part of a larger project, the Oklahoma City Fire Department Memorial.

Some Gave All

Shahla Reynolds, 2014

This bronze piece, 21" is dedicated to the Fallen Soldiers of Oklahoma National Guard, who lost their lives during the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

Going Home

Shahla Reynolds

On May 26th 2002 the I-40 Bridge was hit by a barge in Oklahoma. 14 people lost their lives, including a 3-year-old child. A 14-sided black granite pedestal was engraved with the names of the victims. The artist used the actual bridge girders and reshaped them to create the broken bridge. This piece holds the 56” bronze sculpture, which is only connected by its toes to the girder. This symbolizes the moment that life ended, and eternity began. The white dove brings hope and peace to the families and the survivors including 5 white columns represent the 5 survivors.

Just Another Day

Shahla Reynolds

This sculpture is part of a project called the Oklahoma State Firefighters Living and Fallen Memorial. The steel structure holds two 9 feet tall bronze sculptures The granite walls are engraved with the names of 15,000 firefighters, who have served their fire departments throughout the state. The artist enlarged the sculptures from an 18-inch model to the complete 9-foot tall work herself and directed the casting and installation of the work. The construction of this memorial started in September 1999, and on June 2000 Governor Frank Keating dedicated the memorial.

Eternal Flame

Shahla Reynolds

The 9 feet tall stainless steel sculpture reflects hope and it is placed above the "Wall of Valor” at the Oklahoma State Living and Fallen Firefighters Memorial. The wall is engraved with the names of Fallen Firefighters from the State of Oklahoma.

Prancing Cranes

Shahla Reynolds

These two Copper and Steel Sculpture are in private collection. The two birds are celebrating the arrival of spring with a joyful dance. The two sculptures were selected to be on exhibit at "2015-2016 Art on Parade" in Northglenn, Colorado. 

Tortoise Family

Shahla Reynolds

These concrete and steel sculptures were placed at Arbuckle Wilderness Park in Arbuckle, Oklahoma. A similar piece was also placed at School of the Plains in Edmond , Oklahoma.