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Shahla Rahimi Reynolds

Stream Of Consciousness


It is what we do all the time, every awaken moment of our lives. Even in our sleep, we are juggling with thoughts that manifest themselves into gentle dreams or occasionally nightmares.  it is always on and always talking and then nothing! 

The  painting "Stream Of Consciousness" is an Acrylic on Canvas by artist, Shahla Rahimi Reynolds.

Stream Of Consciousness is 59 1/2” H x 46” W.  


  • My Design Studio is inside:

    801 East 4th Place, In the Ceramic Room Los Angeles, CA 90013


    Dur to COVID-19 Pandemic, we are open to public, but please contact me via email or text to arrange for a visit. We are making every efforts to maintain a safe place for you to visit. A mask is require during your stay, however we will provide gloves for you.Thank you for your support and understanding.