Shahla Rahimi Reynolds

Allusion Of The Day

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I have started a series of “Live” paintings titled ”Rising Phoenix”.  As we all recover from the turmoil of these times, a pleasant place can be the way to move the mind to a calmer state.  A river bordered by beautiful trees and the magnificent sun bathing the scene with warmth and light.  This work is just the ticket for a mental mini vacation.

Allusion of the Day Painting is meant to bring joy and a bit of outdoors to our indoor life.

This is an Acrylic on  Canvas painting by artist Shahla Rahimi Reynolds.

It is  56” H x 46” W.

YouTube Videos:

Allusion Of The Day, by Shahla Reynolds, Part I

Allusion Of The Day, by Shahla Reynolds, Part II

Allusion Of The Day's copies are printed on premium canvas and ready to be hung.