Shahla Rahimi Reynolds

Election 2020

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November 3, 2020 iwas another Election Day for this country and like  2016, we were all waiting for the numbers as the polls were closing.

A lot hopes, dreams, anger and anxiety had placed everyone in a tense situation. People across the world were holding their breath.

at 11 o’clock we were told: “it is done folks just pack up and go home. We have a winner” and that was when the fun began.  What? We are still counting votes, right?! I guess not!. 

2 week’s later, we are still going up and down. Based on all the screaming from one side, everyone else across the world had something to do with selecting the president except us the voters and a lot cheating was going on only in that category, while everything else like the races for Congress and the Senate were all good.

Well, then let’s sit tight and enjoy the show, folks.

This is an Acrylic on Paper by artist, Shahla Rahimi Reynolds.

It is 29 1/2” H X 24” W.

Election 2020's copies are printed on premium canvas and are ready to be hung.